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June 2008

I am at last home with the girls in Cyprus after ending my time in Malawi after 16 months or so. It was not easy for me to leave as I had developed a good understanding with the players and my staff. There are as is well documented a great many problems off the field there and well they will need to be solved before football in Malawi can really go forward having said that  I have left on very good terms with the President and wish him and Malawi nothing but the best for the future. I would also like to thank the Malawi Council of Sports who were very kind and looked after me during my time there.

So we look forward and to the next challenge, as I write this there is interest from a number of places around the world and we will look at each offer that comes and give it the respect that it deserves, of course Cyprus could be a possibility which I am sure the family would prefer. Of course in this very competitive business you don’t always choose the job and we will have to see what comes.

At the moment I am quite happy to soak up the lovely sunshine here in Cyprus and of course spend time with the family and re charge the batteries. It is not easy working as a National team Coach and  there is a great deal of travelling involved I visited 5 different countries last month alone and while I enjoy the travelling it does get tiring after a while so being in one place for more then two weeks is something new  for me!

I have again been asked to do TV work this time for the LTV channel in Cyprus as they cover the Euro 2008 Championships which of course mean’s I get to watch every single minute of every game!! Costas Troulouris who is head of the Sports department and an old friend has been a great help. The show is presented in the main by Costas and the other guys take turns to present the EURO ACTION the name of the actual show .The other guys who present the show are George, Thomas,  and Grigoris and have all helped as from time to time my Greek runs out ! The show is also a good way of people in Cyprus to see me and it all helps raise the profile.

I would also like to thank everyone at the LTV studios who have been very good to me and all been a great help from the lady who prepared dinner to the girls who have to try and cover my head with make up! And that takes some doing ……..

I am going to stick my neck out as usual and go for Span to win it all…
That’s all for now and will of course update you all should anything come up.


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